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Infant Classroom

An infant program is only as good as the caregivers who work there.  At For Kids’ Sake, we have created a loving and home-like atmosphere.  We follow a schedule created by you because you know best what your child needs.  We will talk to, sing to, rock, and snuggle your child just as you would at home.  We work with your child on skills such as hand-eye coordination and large motor movement.  Our teachers have plenty of love and time to devote to each child.  We boast an open-door policy in which parents are encouraged to visit or call as often as they like.


For Kids’ Sake is proud to announce that we have enrolled in the Tadpoles Program! Tadpoles allows us to electronically sign your children in and out, send photos, videos, digital daily sheets and reminders right to your email and phones. Feel free to go to for more information.

Classroom Teachers:

Ms. Doris Laster
Ms. Ericka VanBuren
Ms. Liz Makler


While the Infant Room is parent-scheduled, we have provided below an outline of a typical day.

Infant Room Schedule
6:30 - 7:30* Arrival of Children / Greeting of Parents
7:30 - 9:45 Feeding / Diapering / Napping / Quiet Activities
9:45 - 10:30 Reading / Singing / Music / Large Motor Actvities
10:30 - 11:00 Outside Time (shaded area provided)
11:00 - 2:15 Feeding / Diapering / Napping / Quiet Activities
2:15 - 3:00 Reading / Singing / Music / Large Motor Activites
3:00 - 3:30 Outside Time (shaded area provided)
3:30 - 6:00 Feeding / Diapering / Napping / Quiet Activities

Below are a few things that your child will need when he/she becomes part of For Kids’ Sake’s Infant family.  Please make sure to label each item so that nothing is lost.
  • Child’s Schedule (include eating, sleeping, preferences, and other pertinent information)
  • Allergy list (if applicable)
  • Diapers, Wipes, and Ointment (if necessary)
  • Play-yard  Sheet and Blanket (we will send them home on Fridays for washing)
  • 2 Sets of Weather-Appropriate Clothing and 2 or 3 Onesies
  • Security Item and/or Pacifier
  • Filled Bottles or Sippy Cups
  • Food (bowls and spoons if you prefer us to use yours)
  • Bibs (if you would like your child to wear them)

For Kids' Sake is proud to offer the convenience of our own diaper program through First Quality. For a low weekly cost, we can provide diapers and wipes for your child every day. You will never worry about running out of diapers. The diaper program is a cost-effective way to reduce the number of things you have to remember every week. Please ask Sandi for details.


Pricing Information:

Infant Room Rate 4-Week Monthly Rate (months with 4 Mondays) 5-Week Monthly Rate (months with 5 Mondays)
Full-Time Program (32 hours or more) $275 / week $1,078.00 $1,347.50
Part-Time Program (at least 4 hours/day on a consistent weekly schedule) $8.70 / hour 2% discount 2% discount
Drop-In Option (fewer than 4 hours/day or an as needed schedule) $9.25 / hour N/A N/A
Registration Fee: $75 initial, $50 renewal Deposit: 1 week tuition, Refundable as last week if proper notice is given